Reimbursement Overview

As a skin substitute with advanced technology, PuraPly® Antimicrobial is reimbursed in the high bundle by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). PuraPly and PuraPly Antimicrobial are both eligible for reimbursement using HCPCS code Q4172 for all sites of care.

Reimbursement Following Pass-Through Expiration

PuraPly Antimicrobial continues to be reimbursed in the high bundle by CMS following the expiration of 3-year pass-through status at the end of 2017.

CMS grants pass-through to a select group of “new and truly innovative devices” for up to 3 years. Although this status does expire, the unique advantages of PuraPly Antimicrobial continue.

Benefit Verification and Prior Authorization Program

Once you have decided to use PuraPly or PuraPly Antimicrobial, our team of Reimbursement Support Center Specialists will work closely with you through our benefit verification and prior authorization program. If needed, they are also available to perform a claims analysis and assist with appeals.

If you have any questions about reimbursement for PuraPly or PuraPly Antimicrobial, you can send a written inquiry on our Reimbursement Inquiry Page or call 1-888-432-5232 (option #3) to talk with a reimbursement specialist.