Sizes of PuraPly® and PuraPly® Antimicrobial

PuraPly and PuraPly Antimicrobial are supplied in individually sealed dry sheets and packaged in sterile, sealed single pouches. Both PuraPly and PuraPly Antimicrobial offer convenient room temperature storage and come in the following sizes to manage a wide variety of wound types.1,2

Now Available in a 1.6 cm Disc

Virtually all wounds—even small wounds—contain biofilm, which is a direct cause of delayed healing.3,4 The novel technology of PuraPly Antimicrobial is now available in an easy-to-use 1.6 cm disc for small wounds.

PuraPly Antimicrobial Size1 (Unique Device Identifier Number)

  • 8×16 cm PURAPLYAM-COM 8X16 (00618474000121)
  • 6×9 cm PURAPLYAM-COM 6X9 (00618474000114)
  • 5×5 cm PURAPLYAM-COM 5X5 (00618474000107)
  • 2×4 cm PURAPLYAM-COM 2X4 (00618474000091)
  • 2×2 cm PURAPLYAM-COM 2X2 (00618474000084)
  • 1.6 cm PURAPLYAM-COM 1.6 DISC (00618474000190)


PuraPly Size2 (Unique Device Identifier Number)

  • 6×9 cm (00618474000077)
  • 5×5 cm (00618474000060)
  • 2.05×3.05 cm (00618474000152)
  • 2×4 cm (00618474000053)


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