Applying PuraPly® Antimicrobial

To apply PuraPly Antimicrobial, follow these simple steps1:

  1. Prepare wound to ensure it is free of debris and necrotic tissue
  2. Cut the dry sheet to the appropriate size and place in contact with wound bed
  3. Hydrate with sterile saline
  4. Apply appropriate fixation and secondary dressings
  5. Assess weekly for reapplication


  • PuraPly Antimicrobial should not be applied until excessive exudate, bleeding, acute infection and significant swelling are controlled. 
  • Do not resterilize. Discard all open and unused portions of PuraPly Antimicrobial. 
  • The device must be used prior to the expiration date. 
  • Device is sterile if the package is dry, unopened and undamaged. Do not use if the package seal is broken. 
  • Discard if mishandling has caused possible damage or contamination.

Potential Complications:

The following complications are possible. If any of these conditions occur, the device should be removed: infection, chronic inflammation (initial application of wound dressings may be associated with transient, mild, localized inflammation), allergic reaction, excessive redness, pain, swelling, or blistering.

Reference: 1. PuraPly Antimicrobial [package insert]. Canton, MA: Organogenesis, Inc; 2015.